Mojito Recipes: A Delicious Sake Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Mojito Cocktails

The mojito is a native Cuban cocktail recipe. However, due to the refreshing tropical feel about this fine drink there are now a lot of mojitos being served in parties and in bars. As a matter of fact, as this drink is so versatile and delightful, there are many versions already being served. One hit mojito recipe is the Delicious Sake Mojito.

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New Cosmo Cocktail Recipe: The Hibiscus Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Recipe for you

Cosmopolitan cocktails are an international favorite. This is why bars and cocktail lounges make it a point to have their signature cosmopolitan cocktail recipe.

As your own cosmopolitan  recipe is among the best you can offer your guests at any party for any occasion, it will be good to know at least a few unique and new recipes for this all time classic.

You can start by serving a Hibiscus Cosmopolitan. This cosmopolitan cocktail recipe is not only unique, it is also tasty, and festive. However, what should make you go for this recipe is the fact that you will be using the healthy hibiscus flower tea which is very healthy.

Here is how to prepare a Hibiscus Cosmopolitan Cocktail:

  • 2 ounces Hibiscus Tea
  • 3 ounces lemon vodka
  • 1 ounce tri sec
  • Ice cubes

Chill your martini glass. Blend a cup of ice to crush them in fine pieces. Transfer the crushed ice to a cocktail shaker. Add your Hibiscus tea, tri sec and lemon vodka. Shake them well and strain to the chilled martini glass. You can garnish this cosmopolitan cocktail with fresh cranberries.

It will also be nice to have a Hibiscus petal floating over the drink. A tip is to use a petal whose color is lighter than the strong red hue of the drink.

There are a lot of versions in making this cosmopolitan (cocktail recipe).

One recipe uses 3 oz plain vodka, 2 oz orange juice and 1 oz cranberry juice. In creating this version of the Hibiscus cosmopolitan cocktail recipe the same procedure will be followed.

First, the ice will be crushed and transferred to the shaker.

The liquid ingredients –  vodka, hibiscus tea, cranberry juice and orange juice will then be added and the mixture. Shake and strain to a martini glass. You can garnish this with a lemon wedge.

There are still more versions of this cosmopolitan cocktail recipe. As a matter of fact, you can create your own as inspired by how the Hibiscus tea is used in these cosmo recipes. The trick is to have the best ingredients you can have. Invest your funds in high-grade organic Hibiscus tea and in mid-class to premium class liqueur for the vodka and tri sec. Of course, you may also need to choose fresh fruits to garnish the drink.

This cosmopolitan cocktail recipe is great for lawn parties in an autumn weekend. However, you may have this when you want to. Given that the procedure is delivered right here for you.

Cosmo cocktail recipe with a twist

Tips for The Best Fruity Cocktails

Fruit Cocktails – The Drink!

Fruity cocktail recipes are loved by drinkers. This is not only due to the fact that they taste really good. This is because fruits on cocktails make it easier for strong drinks to gulp.

Mixologists have wide knowledge when it comes to the many ways fruits can be used to make great cocktail recipes. it will not be a surprise to know that lounges and bars will surely have several dozens fruity cocktail recipes for you to choose from.

If you want to go beyond the fun lounging with a fruity cocktail in your hand and would want to know how to make your own fruity cocktail recipes, be sure to remember the three basic ways to use fruits in making cocktails.

Fruity Cocktail Recipes

Fruit-flavor infused Spirits

Fruity cocktail recipes will be better if you go for fruit-flavored spirits as base ingredients. Infusing flavor to plain spirits gives you more edge at obtaining the taste and aroma you want from a flavored spirit. Making your own flavored spirits is simple, all you need to have is a bottle of plain spirit and the fruit your want to flavor your spirit with. Increase the flavor of  the outcome by favoring the fruit over the spirit.

Fruit Puree

A purée is an essential ingredient for a lot of fruity cocktail recipes. The usual role of a purée is to lessen the negative attributes of the alcohol content in a cocktail Thus, making it smoother and more easy to drink. If you have an upcoming party and you figure that cocktail recipes such as these would be preferred by your guests over high-proof ones, then be sure to make your fruit purée in advance. All you need to do is blend your fruit of choice and add sugar syrup to taste.

Fruit Garnish

Adding a fruit garnish to fruity cocktail recipes makes the presentation more fun and festive. Fruits that are commonly used to garnish cocktails are lime, lemon, orange, cherry and berries. If you want to give your guests more from your fruity cocktail recipes, be sure to have enough so you can have fancy little fruit garnishes on your cocktails.

Fruity cocktail recipes are in demand especially in summer pool side parties. Fruits had long been proven to be healthy treats whole year round and this is why choosing the best fruits to use in cocktails. Preserved fruit products may seem to give you a hassle-free use in cocktails. However, choosing fresh fruits will always give you the best results. They taste better and their health-giving goodness are intact.  This way you can make the best of the fruits in making fruity cocktail recipes.

cocktail recipes with fruit – not fruit cocktails in a cup!