3 Exciting Flaming Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Flaming cocktail recipes? Yes!!

Vodka cocktail recipes are among the best you can have for any party. As a matter of fact, your cocktail list may be the best thing for everyone to look forward to the upcoming occasion. However, if you want to raise the level of excitement several levels higher, you might as well surprise your guests with exciting flaming vodka cocktail recipes.

Flaming vodka recipes are not only hot and exciting. They are a spectacle too. As a matter of fact there are bars that hold shows and exhibitions for flaming drinks. A flaming drink is usually put to flame by allowing the surface of the finished mix catch fire. The great thing about these drinks is that the fiery presentation of the cocktail does very little to no distortion of the taste of the cocktail.

Here are my freebie for you to start with and master if you want your next party’s excitement  to be taken to greater heights.

3 exciting Flaming Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Vodka cocktail recipes – Flaming Lamborghini

  • 2 oz Kahlua
  • 2 oz Cointreau
  • 2 oz Sambucca (White)
  • A dash of cream

Preparing this flaming vodka cocktail recipe has many versions. The earlier ones were, however put away due to the injuries the drink has inflicted to drinkers. The common way of preparing this drink is simply to layer the a shot glass with the Kahlua, Cointreau and the Sambucca. Let the drink catch fire by dipping a spoon to the portion of the Sambucca. Light the spoon and dip it back on the glass to let the Sambucca catch the flame. Take the cream and place it over the flame. It will extinguish the flame before it drops to the glass’ bottom. Serve.

Vodka cocktail recipes – Flaming Apple Passion

  • 2 oz apple vodka
  • 2 oz Amaretto
  • 2 oz Everclear
  • 1 tablespoon sugar

In a shot glass, pour the apple vodka and the Everclear together. Take a tablespoon of sugar and light the spoon. Wait awhile for the sugar in the spoon to turn brown and caramelize. Put the flame over the shot glass so the mixture will catch the flame. Let the contents of the shot glass warm up and then put off the fire. Add your Amaretto, stir slightly and serve.

Vodka cocktail recipes – Flaming Blue

  • Half an ounce of anisette
  • Half an ounce of vermouth
  • A splash of 151 proof rum

Take a shot glass and pour in the anisette and the vermouth. Splash the 151 proof rum and make sure it stays nearest the surface of the mixture and the sides of the glass. Light the rum using a lighter. Put off the fire and be sure that the rim of the glass won’t bite and burn before consuming the drink.

Preparing flaming vodka cocktail recipes need a certain level on focus and skill especially that you work with flame and flammable materials. If you want to impress your guests by serving flaming vodka cocktails, be sure to use heat-resistant, thick lined, wide-mouthed cocktail glasses. Of course, you should remind your guests to put off the fire and wait before the glass cools to prevent burns. As a host, you should be mindful about declining to serve anymore flaming cocktails to those who may already be tipsy and intoxicated. Lastly, be reminded that the color of the flame produced by the alcohol is a blue one and that this flame is not so visible at normal lighting so you may want to dim the lighting of the place for everyone to see the flame on their cocktails.

cocktail recipes – let’s play with fire!

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