Cocktail Recipe Information: What Makes a Great Cocktail?

cocktail recipes

So what makes a great cocktail? As with anything, start with the basics.

There are 4 main parts to making a great cocktail. Of course, learning a hundred variations of vodka cocktails or twenty different martini receipes is helpful. But if you are looking to be a good host and have a memorable event, start with this information.


Cocktails mainly consist of one liquor mixed with another or with other types of liquids such as fruit juice. Of course, you can always get pre-made mixers that require only one additional ingredient. Look around and you might even find a simple flavored-liquor served straight from the bottle without any mixing preparation at all. However, we believe in being at least a bit creative and don’t forget – your guests are watching!

Therefore, it is important that you begin learning cocktail recipes with the most common spirits. Vodka is the best known cocktail spirit and is a must in any bar. In fact, one in every four cocktail recipes contains vodka! This is due to the fact that this spirit goes along very well with almost every other cocktail ingredient. Tequila, bourbon, gin and rum are also very common. So, if you want to know what to stock in your bar or at least to have on-hand for any party, you can start with these five.

Next is glassware. Basic cocktail recipes usually can be served in any glass but hey, we are trying to impress our guests! When doing this, you must realize that the choice of glassware is not the host’s choosing. As far as cocktail recipes are concerned, there is a valuable rational why certain cocktails are supposed to be served in narrow-mouthed glassware. This is the same rational on why some drinks need to be served in wide-mouthed glasses. For instance, for flaming cocktails, they must be served in wide-mouthed glassware to give the drink more space for the flame. Thus, a Collin’s glass is definitely not advisable to use for such cocktails. The most common of these glassware, will be your stemmed cocktail glass aka the martini glass, a margarita glass – which looks like an oversized martini glass, your old-fashioned rock glass and the Collin’s glass – similar to the glasses you use for everyday drinking at home.

The third aspect of making great cocktails has to do with blending. The correct blending of the ingredients in every cocktail recipe is best achieved when you use good cocktail making equipment. If you want to practice the cocktail recipes you’ve learned but are worried about not getting the best out of your cocktail recipe because you don’t have the right equipment, start with a blender and a shaker. A good blender will mix everything from pina coladas to fruit smoothies and will last for years. It can also help grind ice as well as fruit purees. A good cocktail shaker is a must. It will help you get the best mixes for every recipe. Start making great cocktails with the help of just a reliable blender and a quality cocktail shaker.

Garnishing a cocktail is the finishing touch. It is the last thing you will know about this cocktail recipes information post. A garnish is not merely there for face value. For some drinks, it is an essential factor that will complete the taste of any cocktail you will serve. Start building up your garnish collection by keeping fresh fruits handy. Lemons, limes, cherries and oranges are a good starting point. Salt and sugar will also come in handy for most drinks so be sure to have them in the bar as well!

That covers the basics. Now you have the 4 basic cocktail recipes information that will help you come up with a great cocktail mix. Be sure to keep them in mind as you move along and learn more cocktail recipes information to create more exciting cocktail drinks.

Hope this primer on cocktail recipes was helpful!

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